GHD Dark straighteners

GHD Dark hair straighteners

The GHD Dark hair straightener is the new limited edition high gloss all black version of the GHD MK4. This is the latest development of the GHD original straightener and now has more features than ever.

GHD Dark - features

With the adition of the multi-voltage feature the GHD Dark is even more versitile as you can now take your GHDs on holiday with you. Why wouldn't you want to look as good on holiday as you do at home? The GHD Dark also boasts new safety features, a sleep mode and a shiver feature that stops moisture from damaging your irons if they have been left in a cold spot.

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GHD Dark reviews

reviews of GHD Dark hair straighteners

below you can read reviews of the ghd dark straighteners.

GHD Dark review by Lucy N.

The GHD Dark is so much better looking than the MK4. I always felt that for the money the ghd should have been better finished and now they are. I know they cost more but the now feel like a luxury product.

GHD Dark review by Saffron P.

I got the GHD dark as a present, I didn't even know they existed and I love them. I feel like a top celebrity evey time I use them (is that sad?).

GHD Dark review by Wendy E.

Went to have my hair done and came out with the new GHD Dark, that trip cost more than I allowed for but I don't regreat it one bit, the best straightener available.

GHD Dark Hair Straighteners

The new GHD Dark hair straighteners have all the same great features as the GHD MK4 making them the most advanced hair straightener on the market. We allow you to compare our prices to ensure that you get the lowest price GHD Dark hair straighteners available on-line. These are official GHD straighteners from an approved stockist. This means you can register you new GHD straighteners to obtain your extended two year manufacturers guarantee.

GHD improved the look of the GHD straighteners with the new GHD Dark and GHD Pure. The new limited edition GHD hair straighteners are finished in a high gloss finish which is a big improvement over the standard GHD MK4.