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GHD straighteners have become legendary in hairdressing. Endorsed by the world's top session stylists and hottest celebrities. 4yourhair offer cheap GHD hair straighteners including GHD MK4, GHD Mini, GHD Wide, Pink GHD, GHD Dark, GHD Pure, GHD Styler, GHD Kiss.
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GHD news

Change at the top at GHD Unconfirmed reports that Mr. Martin Penny has left GHD following a boardroom rift. The head of the senior management of Jemella, the company behind the GHD straightener, is said to remain a large share holder despite the departure from GHD.

GHD Pure - sold out. The all white GHD Pure is no longer available and the GHD suppliers have now sold out. It's sister product, the GHD Dark is still available but stock is low so they won't be available for long so if you want one then don't delay.

Purple GHD - high demand. The latest GHD straightener, the GHD Purple is in high demand and many retailers are having problems keeping them in stock. If you want one for Christmas then you really should buy now. It just goes to show when it comes to something as special as the GHD straightener the credit crunch won't stop it selling.

GHD's new HQ. GHD has a new office, forget any idea you have about filing cabinets and paper clips, this is a whole new look. The new office designed by Carey Jones Interiors is in the Bridgewater Place development, in Leeds. As well as office space for GHD's 55 staff it will also be a showcase for the GHD products. The reception even incorporates a catwalk, how fitting. A high-tech training area and high spec. boardroom and flexible meeting areas are also part of the new space age design. It has been in planning and development for two years and the time and effort can be clearly seen.

GHD will see this new space as the GHD Academy. This new academy includes an intimate shopping environment. A Centre of Excellence which is a state of the art learning facility which provides special courses for hair stylists. A Big Brother style diary room allows the Urban Angles to share their ideas with GHD fans worldwide. GHD style can be seen from the impressive entrance through to the thoughtful touches like the complementary GHD straighteners in the bathroom, its all GHD style.

GHD - See the Light. GHD return to TV screens this November with is new See the Light campaign. The latest adverts feature fours girls with four different styles. The four short clips entitled, The Bridge, The Aprtment, The Limo and The Room continue the attention grabing, sophicated advertisments that we have come to expect from GHD. The ads are due to be run in Australia as well as the UK.

Purple GHD released. The lastest straightener from GHD is now in stock. A slight delay with the relase of the GHD Purple had us waiting with anticipation in the hope that they would be here in time for Christmas.

School of GHD. Following a successful pilot last year and thanks to a generous donation from Martin Penny the man behind GHD hair straighteners, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are now being sponsered at Leeds University. The new scheme will support more than forty students over the next five years and will provide office space and mentoring to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

New GHD! Due for release in the next couple of weeks is the latest GHD hair straightener, the GHD Purple. The new purple GHD follows the GHD Dark, GHD Pure and GHD Kiss with a gloss finish this time with a purple paisly pattern.

Limited stock! The GHD Dark and GHD Pure are no longer available on the GHD website. If you want one of these limited editions or are thinking of buying one as a gift for this Christmas now is the time to buy.

GHD gets the Greenlight. GHD the world largest hair straightener brand has is now working with the specialist search marketing agency Greenlight. Previously MVi Manchester were employed to promote the paid advertisement campaigns, this along with SEO (search engine optimization) will now be managed by Greenlight.

Launched in 2001 GHD has become synonymouss with the hair straightener and is now the UK's leading brand. Its sophisticated TV and media advertising bring the brand to the public's attention and instilling the GHD hair straightener as a top quality product second to none.

GHD is now set to take over on the internet with the assistance of Greenlight to forward both paid advertising and in SERP (search engine results page), the natural search engine listings. Greenlight will be using its brand defense software to monitor paid adverts, looking for unlawful use of GHD trademark as well as monitoring any competitors using the GHD brand name in their advertisements.