GHD Mini straighteners

GHD Mini hair straighteners

The GHD mini has narrow plates for the best tight curls and ringlets as well as strightening short hair.

GHD mini - features

The GHD mini has narrow plates only 1cm wide, this makes it perfect for curling, styling and also straightening shorter hair.

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GHD Mini reviews

reviews of GHD Mini hair straighteners

below you can read reviews of the ghd mini straighteners.

GHD Mini review by Maria A.

The GHD Mini is the only straightener that works on my fine hair. I have a short style and can get close to the roots to give it some body.

GHD Mini review by Paul S.

I feel a little odd writing about a hair straightener but my girlfiend introduced me to them and I was so impressed that I now have my own GHD Mini straighteners and the are brilliant.

GHD Mini review by Jane H.

I have the normal GHDs as well as the GHD Mini and I use the minis for getting close to my head at the roots, this gives my hair better lift.

GHD Mini Hair Straighteners

The GHD Mini is the narrow version of the strandard width GHD IV styler and is designed for use on shorter hair styles. The latest GHD IV mini styler has the same advanced features as the GHD IV with world wide voltage and auto sleep mode. The GHD Mini's narrow ceramic plates are great for straightening shorter hair as well as creating flicks, curls and waves.