GHD pink kiss straighteners

Pink GHD kiss hair straighteners

New for 2008 is the pink GHD Kiss limited edition gloss pink hair straightener. The latest version of the pink GHD follows the GHD Dark and GHD Pure with its high gloss finish.

The GHD pink is a limited edition produced by GHD to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness. This is the most sort after hair straightener and we recommend that you pre-order to avoid dissapointment as many retailers have sold out long before the GHD pink even arrives in stock.

GHD pink - features

The GHD hot pink is the same as the GHD MK4 and has all of its advanced features.

cheapest GHD pink

Only limited stock of the GHD pink is available. Don't delay if you want the latest pink GHD Kiss. Other pink hair straighteners are available.

2008 pink ghd
ghd pink hair straighteners

GHD pink still available

You can buy the pink GHD from the USA, approximately £143.00 including UK delivery.

pink ghd straighteners

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Buy combined deals with the GHD MK4, and the GHD Wide.

GHD Pink reviews

reviews of GHD Pink hair straighteners

below you can read reviews of the ghd pink straighteners.

GHD Pink review by Sarasa P.

I just have to have every thing in pink so the GHD Pink was a must have for me and its so good.

GHD Pink review by Susan K.

I have just got the new GHD Kiss and its beautiful, I was tempted to go for the white version bit I'm pleased I waited for the new pink.

GHD Pink review by Helen T.

I've always wanted a pink GHD so when I needed a new pair I dropped a few hints and now I have the new pink GHD Kiss and the are so much better than my old straigteners. If you are struggling along with an old pair of straighteners do yourself a favour and buy the latest version they really are better.

GHD Pink Hair Straighteners

The new GHD is available in three sizes, The standard width ghd mk4, the ghd mini with narrow plates and the ghd wide for longer, thicker hair. Along with these are three limited editions. The gloss white ghd pure, the gloss black ghd dark and the ghd pink which for 2008 has been renamed the ghd kiss.

The GHD hair straighteners are considered by many as a must have and if you must have them you want them at the lowest prices. Here you can compare the leading online suppliers of GHD straighteners to be sure you are getting the best deal.