GHD purple straighteners

GHD purple hair straighteners

New for Christmas 2008 is the limited edition purple GHD hair straightener. The latest version of the GHD follows the GHD Dark, GHD Pure and GHD Kiss with its high gloss finish but this time it has a paisley pattern.

The purple GHD is the years Christmas gift set from GHD. It comes with a purple travel dryer and sectioning clips in a purple paisley pattern bag. This is elegently presented in a matching purple box and would make a wounderful present.

GHD purple - features

The GHD purple is the same as the GHD MK4 and has all of its advanced features.

cheapest GHD purple

Only limited stock of the GHD purple is available. Don't delay if you want the latest purple GHD Christmas gift set.

2008 Purple GHD

ghd purple hair straighteners

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GHD Purple reviews

reviews of GHD Purple hair straighteners

below you can read reviews of the ghd purple straighteners.

GHD Purple review by Anne K.

I thought the pink was the best looking GHD until I saw the new purple GHD, I know what I want this Christmas.

GHD Purple review by Claire P.

I was so surprised to see another limited edition GHD this year and this is the best one so far.

GHD Purple review by Jane T.

I've always wanted a pink GHD but thought it too girly somehow but the new purple GHD looks more sophisticated. I pre-ordered mine as soon as I saw them.

GHD Purple Hair Straighteners

The new GHD IV styler is available in three sizes, The standard width ghd mk4, the ghd mini with narrow plates and the ghd wide for longer, thicker hair. Along with these are four limited editions. The gloss white ghd pure, the gloss black ghd dark and the ghd pink which for 2008 has been renamed the ghd kiss. The forth limited edition to be released this year is the purple GHD which is being sold as the Christmas gift set.

The GHD hair straighteners are considered by many as a must have and if you must have them you want them at the lowest prices. Here you can compare the leading online suppliers of GHD straighteners to be sure you are getting the best deal.