GHD wide straighteners

GHD wide hair straighteners

The new wide GHD, the GHD IV Salon Styler has wide ceramic plates designed for use on longer, thicker hair.

GHD wide - features

The new GHD wide now has the same features as the standard size GHD MK4.

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GHD Wide - £97.00

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These links show the latest prices and availability of the new GHD wide hair straightener, the GHD IV Salon Styler.

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Combined offers with the GHD MK4, and the GHD Wide.

GHD Wide reviews

reviews of GHD Wide hair straighteners

below you can read reviews of the ghd wide straighteners.

GHD Wide review by Tracey M.

The GHD wide is the only hair straightener that can cope with my unruly hair. Its the only straightener for me.

GHD Wide review by Emma J.

The speed at which the GHD wide works is amazing, I'm always late in the mornings and this really helps same time and avoids that bad hair day.

GHD Wide review by Julie K.

I haven't tried any other wide straightener but I cannot imagine anything being better than the GHD Wide.

GHD Wide Hair Straighteners

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